Deer collides with police cruiser in Kentucky, performs 'triple axel'

KENTON COUNTY, Ky. (KABC) -- A deer surprisingly ran away uninjured after colliding with a police cruiser and "performing a triple axel" over the hood, police said.

The wild crash was captured on video Sunday by a Kenton County police officer's dashcam.

In the video, the police cruiser hits the large deer, and the large deer then flips up onto the windshield of the cruiser before landing on the grassy side of the road. The deer then gets up and quickly darts off into the woods.

"Our officer was unharmed but the cruiser did sustain some damage. As for the deer, he appeared to brush off the incident before quickly running away into the woods. We did place a call to Santa just to be sure this deer didn't belong to him (we would hate to end up on the naughty list)," the department said in a Facebook post.
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