VIDEO: Dolphin swims among delighted beachgoers in Australia

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Monday, January 6, 2020
Dolphin swims among delighted beachgoers along Australia shoreline
A dolphin was caught on camera swimming through a crowd of people at the beach in Australia.

AUSTRALIA -- It was just a normal day at the beach in southeastern Australia, until a dolphin decided to make a surprise entrance.

Beachgoers at Kingscliff in New South Wales were delighted when the animal swam up to the shorline, apparently unbothered by the crowd of people.

The magical moment was caught on camera on January 4.

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"It was amazing, it was quite crowded yet this dolphin swam up the river with the tide and then turned around and swam out again," said Genevieve Faulkner, who took the video.

A local government official says this is not an uncommon sight.

Marine animals such as dolphins frequent the area in order "to catch fish," Tweed Shire Councillor James Owen told The Courier-Mail.

"People are generally aware and are respectful of marine life - particularly in this community," Owen said.