Minister's plea to deal with aggressive pit bulls on Skid Row gets action

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Thursday, January 18, 2018
LA to crack down on aggressive pit bulls on Skid Row
LA is responding to calls for help from dog owners asking for protection from aggressive pit bulls on Skid Row.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A minister's plea for help in dealing with aggressive pit bulls on downtown LA's Skid Row is getting some action.

Minister Veronica Hare says she went to the Los Angeles Police Commission Tuesday pleading for help after she and her dog Moses were recently attacked by a pit bull.

"People come here to go to the flower mart and all of the different businesses down here. We are not going to take these dogs harassing and attacking anymore. We have to come up with something," she said.

Several small dog owners who live on Skid Row say it's been a problem for quite some time. Last May, an LAPD officer shot and killed three pit bulls after a man and his dog were attacked.

Malcolm Stewart says he mostly carries his dog around now.

"You got to carry them. And that don't mean nothing if a pit bull attack you too, to get to him. It's dangerous for a small dog to be down here," he said.

In a statement to Eyewitness News, LA Animal Services says it encourages the public to report aggressive dogs to their local LA city shelter as soon as possible.

"The department will document the information and determine how to move forward on a dangerous animal investigation," the agency said.

LAPD officials plan to meet with Hare Thursday to talk about how to handle the situation.

In the meantime LAPD officals say they've already talked to Animal Services on how to deal with aggressive dogs on Skid Row.

"They're going to be coming by twice a month working with our officers walking the beat to try to find animals who may be a threat or may not have their tags or their shots and try to work it that way to alleviate the problem," said LAPD Officer Deon Joseph, who works the Skid Row area.