California Pizza Kitchen offers cauliflower crust pizza on the kids menu

CENTURY CITY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Along with garlic, at a recent taste test at California Pizza Kitchen in Century City, these kids couldn't detect or didn't seem to care about cauliflower in their pizza crust.

CPK Culinary Innovation specialist Brian Sullivan says they launched a cauliflower crust option in January for the regular menu, but decided August was the month to make cauliflower crust available for the kids menu.

"Cauliflower is riced into the cheese and the dough and it is all mixed in and very crispy. We use a little bit of cheese, a little bit of rice flour. It's also gluten-free," said Sullivan.

To the naked eye there is no cauliflower to be seen.

These kids were brought in for a low-key trial run. Pineapple and Canadian bacon, plain cheese, and of course pepperoni pizza were sampled.

Some kids were pleased about the proper portions served as the little pizzas don't make their tummy hurt.

The cauliflower crust will set you back a bit more dough though.

It's $1.50 more for kids pizza, $2.50 for the regular size.

And for big kids there's also something called the "duo." This is California veggie pizza complete with an awesome-looking salad.

Pizza might be the name of the game but Sullivan and his team offer more than just a slice or two: Interesting salads, planked grilled salmon, even pasta with zucchini spirals to up the health ante.
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