Grief-stricken family asks why LAPD did not call off police chase

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Saturday, October 22, 2022
Grief-stricken family asks why LAPD did not call off police chase
A local family is in anguish after their loved one was carjacked, runover with his own SUV and killed during a police chase of a murder suspect. His family wants to know why police didn't call off the chase. Eyewitness News Reporter Leo Stallworth has their tragic story.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- "I'm crying because I miss my father," said the victim's daughter, Jamie Walker.

Jamie Walker in tears not only over the death of her father, 63-year-old Larry Walker but grief stricken over how he died.

"He's only been gone since October 13th but it feels like an eternity has gone by," Jamie Walker said.

The tragedy unfolded during a police chase of 31-year-old Joshua Reneau, a murder suspect who allegedly was in a stolen vehicle he had carjacked in South L.A. The owner of the vehicle, Larry Walker, was dragged to his death underneath his SUV for more than two miles.

"I watched my mother cry. I watched my siblings cry. And they shouldn't. My father should be here. They shouldn't have to cry," Jamie Walker said.

"It's two people that murdered my brother in law, not just the perp, but (police), because at some point, you should have called that chase off. You should have called it off. You should have stopped it," said Hope Davis, the victim's sister-in-law.

The Walker family argues that if police had Reneau under surveillance, why did they allow him to carjack a vehicle which ended up in a pursuit, resulting in the death of their loved one?

"It could have happened to anyone," Jaime Walker said. "You knew that he murdered somebody."

The incident remains under investigation.