Mexican officials visit LA to promote jobs, services for DREAMers

Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico Luis Videgaray Caso on Tuesday made his first visit to Los Angeles, where he joined Mexican officials for the inauguration of a mental health hub and the announcement of services for DREAMers in the U.S. and in Mexico.

As part of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto's initiative titled "Somos Mexicanos" or "We are Mexican," officials discussed new job programs for DREAMers and other undocumented immigrants returning to Mexico.

They also announced credit opportunities with favorable interested rates for young people between the ages of 18 to 35 living in the U.S. or Mexico who begin or continue entrepreneurial ventures in Mexico.

Authorities also said they're working to simplify the process of revalidating degrees from foreign institutions, and they plan to offer free health insurance to immigrants returning to Mexico.

"What we have said is that young people in the DACA program add a tremendous value to the U.S. These are young people (who are) talented, well-educated -- most of them with a college education and with a bright future in the U.S.," said Videgaray.

With an Oct. 5 deadline nearing, the consulate general of Mexico in L.A. will also offer free help for DACA recipients looking to renew their permits.

"The idea is to provide in the assistance through workshops or through direct legal assistance with our network of partners of organizations and attorneys so that they can renew the program without delay," said Felipe Carrera, who is in charge of the Mexican Consular Protection Department in L.A.

Videgaray met with DREAMers in Sacramento this week and said what they want is the most important question.

"What the DREAMers want is to stay and therefore the Mexican government will provide any support that we can within the law of the land, understanding that immigration decisions belong only to Americans and American institutions, but we will provide our diplomatic efforts and our legal support for them to fulfill their dream, which is to stay in America," added Videgaray.

Accounting major and Mexican immigrant Ansiris Salas interned at the Consulate General of Mexico. She said the newly announced programs make her feel supported by the Mexican government if she were forced to return to Mexico.

Still, she hopes to accept a job offer in the U.S. when she graduates from Cal State L.A. next year.

"As of right now, I already have three job offers and I'm really, really hopeful that something positive is going to happen for us DREAMers within the next six months," she said. "Because otherwise I'm going to have to turn down these firms."
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