Political chatter drowns out music on Hollywood Walk of Fame

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Political chatter was drowning out the music at the Hollywood Walk of Fame as people were facing off in a verbal fight for their presidential candidate.

It was a battle of the mics on Hollywood Boulevard Monday night.

The showdown came as Donald Trump supporters gathered at the presidential candidate's Hollywood star in a show of support.

"We get a lot of static here," said Trump supporter Mary Monahan. "I've had a Coke thrown on me, but it's important. I want to do something."

Rapper Vvibe Moore, who performs along the boulevard, was taking aim with his talents, calling out Hillary Clinton's political rival.

It's street side entertainment, a true show for tourists and a real-life metaphor for the contentious election - one that has foreigners watching in wonder.

"What happens here is quite divisive. Watching it unfold from Australia...although far away will be important to what we do and how the rest of the world will work," said tourist Niko Psaltopoulos.
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