SoCal residents rate President Trump's first 100 days in office in new poll

An exclusive new Eyewitness News/Southern California News Group poll conducted by SurveyUSA is shedding light on how residents of the Southland believe they're faring in America under President Donald Trump's leadership.

The survey included a range of questions asking 800 respondents whether they approved or disapproved of Trump's handling of the economy, environment, health care, immigration and several relationships with foreign powers.

Some of the starkest disapproval numbers showed in the areas of immigration, health care and the environment, where 60 percent or more of Southern California residents polled said they disapproved of the way Trump is handling the issues.

Forty-five percent said they believed Trump is making America worse overall.

Fifty-two percent said they feel excluded from Trump's America. Thirty-four percent said they felt included, while 14 percent said they weren't sure.

But of the 209 people polled who said they voted for Trump, 68 percent said they had no regrets.

Read the rest of the poll results below.

Did President Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential election fair and square? Was President Trump helped across the finish line? Or, do you not know enough to say?

35% Won Fair And Square
44% Helped Across The Finish Line
22% Don't Know Enough To Say

If you were a school-teacher, what grade would you give to Donald Trump for the work he has done so far as President? An A, B, C, D, or an F?

10% A
19% B
17% C
20% D
31% F
4% Not Sure

Do you approve or disapprove of the way President Trump is handling the environment?

22% Approve
61% Disapprove
17% Not Sure

Do you approve or disapprove of the way President Trump is handling healthcare?

24% Approve
62% Disapprove
15% Not Sure


34% Approve
60% Disapprove
6% Not Sure

North Korea?

34% Approve
46% Disapprove
20% Not Sure


37% Approve
48% Disapprove
15% Not Sure


33% Approve
45% Disapprove
22% Not Sure


26% Approve
55% Disapprove
18% Not Sure

Which of these statements best describes how you feel?
Russia had nothing to do with the 2016 Presidential election in America.
Russia tried to influence the 2016 Presidential Election, but no more so than Russia has tried to influence the outcome of previous American elections.
Russia made an unprecedented attempt to influence the 2016 election, with the ultimate goal of creating chaos in the Western World.
Russia made an unprecedented attempt to influence the 2016 election because Russia thought that Donald Trump would treat Russia as a friend, not a foe.

18% Had Nothing To Do With Election
22% Tried To Influence But No More Than Previous
18% Attempted To Influence To Create Chaos
28% Attempted To Influence To Be Treated As Friend
14% Not Sure

Is President Trump ... on his way to making America great again? Not yet having an impact one way or the other? Making America worse than ever? Or don't you know enough to say?

23% On His Way
24% Not Yet Having An Impact
45% Making America Worse
8% Don't Know Enough To Say

Will President Trump go down in history as one of America's greatest presidents? One of America's worst presidents? Or somewhere in the middle?

12% One Of The Greatest
52% One Of The Worst
26% Somewhere In The Middle
11% Not Sure

Do you feel ... included? Or excluded? ... in Donald Trump's America?

34% Included
52% Excluded
14% Not Sure

On the whole, is President Trump's use of Twitter a plus? Or a minus?

22% Plus
64% Minus
14% Not Sure

Just your best guess: Will Donald Trump serve two full terms as President? Serve one full term? Choose to leave office before his first term is up? Or be removed from office before his first term is up?

20% Two Full Terms
29% One Full Term
7% Choose To Leave Office
36% Be Removed From Office
9% Not Sure

Which statement best describes you?
I have NO regrets about voting for Trump.
I have some regrets, but still feel that Trump was the better candidate.
I wish I had voted for someone else.
I wish I had not voted at all.

68% No Regrets
25% Some Regrets / Trump Better Candidate
3% Wish I Had Voted For Someone Else
2% Wish I Had Not Voted At All
2% Not Sure
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