ALL GOOD NEWS: Party on wheels brings joy, music, dance, and smiles to special needs families who need it most

Mobile pop-up party rolls into front yards of special needs students, bringing gift of dance, music to those who need it most during pandemic.

Friday, August 14, 2020
Mobile pop-up dance party brings smiles to special needs students
A mobile pop-up party brings the gift of music and dance to special needs students and their families who've felt isolated during the pandemic.

WEST COVINA (KABC) -- Some special needs residents found out, if you can't go to the party, the party can come to you! This is a unique, much needed, and much appreciated party on wheels, bringing joy to those who need it most.

This mobile fun and dance party has been organized by D.J., and Dad, Gregory Martinez.

"It's what we call a special needs 'pop up' party," said Martinez. "What inspired us to do these special pop up parties was there was a day where my son was wondering why he had not gone to program. Why was he just being at home so long? And he didn't understand what was going on with these troubling times. They don't have a clue what's happening in the world."

Martinez's son, Andrew, has special needs... and he missed his friends. So this creative father decided to bring the party to Andrew and his friends. So for about 15 minutes, these free dance parties offer up plenty of fun, not to mention the opportunity for smiles.

Rebecca Barney's son, Travis, is grateful for the visits.

'Music is such a big part of their lives. And they love music and they love dancing and singing," said Barney.

The dance-a-long caravan makes about seven stops a week.

"I wish I had more time to help more families, more friends but we only have Saturdays to do it," said Martinez. "I just want to let them know we're there for them. We want to let them know we haven't forgotten the special needs community."

And the mobile DJ has reminded a lot of people that music can bring everyone together... even if it's from six feet away.