Priyanka Chopra Jonas talks about new movie 'The White Tiger'

The new movie "The White Tiger" is based on bestselling novel and focuses on a young man who wants more out of life, and what he's willing to do to get it.
LOS ANGELES -- The new movie "The White Tiger" is based on the bestselling and award-winning novel of the same name.

It deals with poverty, wealth, corruption and class struggle in India, focusing on a young man who wants more, and what he's willing to do to get it.

Adarsh Gourav stars alongside Priyanka Chopra Jonas as a character named Pinky who knows what this guy is going through.

"He may want to get out of this rooster coop but he's never even known that that was a choice because he wasn't raised with a choice," said Chopra Jones. "And I think that's the beauty of this movie and the book is that it shows different perspectives of the same thing."

"Makes you just aware of the kind of privilege that you're born with if you are and it makes you aware of this other side of life that you've sort of turned a blind eye towards," said Gourav. "It talks about things at a very universal level and not just about India. So, I think when people see the film, it'll just make them more aware as people and probably more sensitive."

"I would love for the West to see this movie, not as a representation of India as a whole," said Chopra Jonas. "India just happens to be one of the countries it's based in. But just to check ourselves and understand that there's a huge, large population of the world that lives on the other side of this class disparity and we cannot ignore that."

"The White Tiger" is in theaters now and debuts on Netflix Friday, Jan. 22.
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