New Range Rover retains luxury features, foreshadows all-electric version

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Wednesday, July 6, 2022
New Range Rover retains luxury features, foreshadows electric model
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The new Range Rover brings new technology, new efficiency and a look that's both fresh, yet familiar, with a price tag starting at $93,800.

It's almost synonymous with the idea of a luxury SUV - the Range Rover.

Fans over the years have included athletes, celebrities, dignitaries and royalty.

Even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, who has famously driven both Land Rovers and Range Rovers. The Rangie, as it's sometimes known, first came along more than 50 years ago, though it wasn't officially sold in the United States until the late 1980s.

Now, for the 2020s, an all-new Range Rover arrives, bringing new technology, new efficiency and a look that's both fresh, yet familiar. It also offers the latest connectivity, as you'd expect.

But underneath, it's still the capable off-road vehicle that parent company Land Rover does so well. Never mind that most owners never seem to take them off the pavement.

Also as you'd expect, it carries a lofty price tag. Six figures across the board, though there is a base version starting at $93,800. But Range Rovers coddle their occupants, with things like automatic air suspension.

And luxury keeps going together with SUVs like never before.

Infiniti has introduced an all-new QX60 model, brimming with both style and comfort. Restrained décor inside, a great ride and new infotainment to keep buyers connected. There are various trim levels of the QX60, with the plush Sensory trim starting at just over $60,000.

Want something big, domestic and luxurious? Lincoln has given the full-size Navigator a few tweaks for 2022, and it remains a solid player in the bucks-up SUV arena.

New trim packages for the Black Label series are offered for those who have expensive tastes and wants. While Navigators have starting prices of just under $80,000, the super-luxurious Black Label version is priced at nearly $107,000 before options.

The luxury ride Range Rover is so iconic that parent company Land Rover never takes a redesign lightly. And that's especially true this time around, because this is the first model that will help usher in an all-electric era.

First, coming as a 2023 model, the big Range Rover will again have a plug-in hybrid option. And about a year later, a full plug-in electric version, with no engine or gasoline at all.