Evidence tampered with in Patrick Kane rape case, attorney says

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Patrick Kane (FILE)

BUFFALO, New York -- The evidence bag containing the rape kit of the woman accusing Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane of sexual assault was left at her mother's door, the alleged victim's attorney said.

Attorney Thomas Eoannou holds an evidence bag he said once held the rape kit of the woman accusing Patrick Kane of sexual assault. Eannou has since quit the case.

"This concerns the integrity of that evidence. Yesterday, the rape kit evidence bag was anonymously delivered to the home of my client's mother," attorney Thomas Eoannou said. "We know this to be the evidence bag that once contained the rape kit evidence. We know this because the bag has a label on it. It contains my client's identity. It contains my client's birth date. It contains the location where the rape kit was done."

Eoannou said law enforcement authorities and prosecutors confirmed the bag is "authentic." He said it has been ripped open.

Eoannou is calling for an independent investigation by another law enforcement agency.

"We need to bring in the FBI or state troopers, or some other law enforcement agency to find out who had that bag, who put it in my client's mother's doorstep," Eoannou said.

He will turn the bag, which has his client's name on it, over to law enforcement officials, he said.