Reckless driving suspect travels at high speeds in LA County

COMMERCE, Calif. (KABC) -- A reckless driving suspect blew through red lights and traveled at high speeds on freeways and surface streets in Los Angeles County Monday night.

The chase began shortly before 11 p.m. on the northbound 710 Freeway in East L.A. until the driver, who was wanted for reckless driving and possibly DUI, moved onto surface streets in the city of Commerce.

Authorities went into tracking or surveillance mode and backed off from following the dark-colored sedan, which was traveling with its headlights off for some time.

While on surface streets, the driver blew through red lights before getting back onto the southbound 710 Freeway. A front passenger in the vehicle was seen waving a balloon outside the window as the driver made a hard U-turn on one street.

The driver went onto surface streets again and traveled across the city of Compton and Willowbrook at speeds above 60 mph.

At one point, two passengers bailed out of the back seat of the car and the driver continued on with what appeared to be a front seat passenger still in the vehicle.

The driver made his way onto the westbound 105 Freeway, where he was at speeds between 80 and 100 mph in the Lynwood and Hawthorne area.

The suspect continued driving into Lennox and then Inglewood, near the airspace of Los Angeles International Airport.

It was not immediately clear whether officers would re-engage.
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