Smash-and-grab burglars caught on video while hitting small businesses at Redlands shopping center

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Burglars caught on surveillance video at Redlands shopping center
Burglars were seen on surveillance video while robbing several businesses at Brookside Plaza, a Redlands shopping center that has recently been targeted.

REDLANDS, Calif. (KABC) -- Burglars were caught on video while robbing several businesses at Brookside Plaza, a Redlands shopping center that had previously been targeted.

"It's frightening to see someone invade your space and as small business owners you work so hard and for someone to do that is just scary," said Patty Alejos, an owner of Redlands Alkaline water.

Around 2 a.m. Redlands Alkaline Water caught several people breaking in on their outdoor and indoor security cameras. The burglars emptied out registers and took cash from the back.

Owner, Raul Aljeos thinks it was a coordinated attack on the shopping center

"It was less than a minute they were in and out they knew what they were coming to do they left. I'm sure it was planned because if they hit all of them an alarm was going to go off and they only had a few minutes less than a minute to go in and out," Alejos said.

The owner of The Jerk Grill recorded a video showing the aftermath of the burglary at his business. The front door glass was smashed to pieces and cash registers in the back office were empty.

The Jerk Grill has only been open for a year, and has already had three attempted break-ins in the last year.

Surveillance video shows burglary at small business in Riverside's Canyon Crest neighborhood

Canyon Crest Town Center in Riverside is known for its small businesses that offer an array of eateries and shops. But since the start of the new year, it's been the target of burglars.

"We had two attempts already break-ins last time they tried the back door but they couldn't get in and they tried to crowbar the front door but couldn't but this time they just went ahead and break straight through the glass," said Lerone Mullin, a worker at The Jerk Grill.

The burglars hit these locations in the Brookside Plaza all at the same time, leaving these small businesses to pick up the pieces.

Jammall Taylor is a worker at Wingman Redlands, another store that was robbed.

"I hit the corner and saw glass everywhere. They said it was eight to 10 individuals and they hit multiple locations, so at that point I unlocked the door, came in and just saw the place a mess," Taylor said.

No suspects are in custody.