Regina King honored with handprint, footprint ceremony at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood

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Friday, October 29, 2021
Regina King honored at Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony
Oscar and Emmy-winning actress Regina King left her mark in Hollywood after she placed her handprints and footprints in cement outside of the TCL Chinese Theatre.

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- Oscar and Emmy-winning star Regina King received a new honor in Hollywood Thursday as she placed her handprints and footprints in cement outside the TCL Chinese Theatre.

"You guys, I love my city. I love my city!" said King, a Los Angeles native.

King recalled the wonder of first seeing this landmark when she was just a girl.

"I remember that I was looking for Bette Davis's hand and footprints. That's all I wanted to see. But the thing that struck me was why it took me so long to find her footprints is because I kept getting hit with someone else's," said King.

King added four extra words to that cement slab: "No place like home."

"A lot of people are gonna see this and they're going to think it comes from 'The Wizard of Oz,' but it comes from my beginning '227,' where the theme song started off 'no place like home' 'cuz this is home," said King. "And I'm gonna be home forever and ever and ever and ever!"

From "Boyz n the Hood" to her Oscar-winning role in "If Beale Street Could Talk," to her current role in the new movie "The Harder They Fall" and directing "One Night In Miami" - just a small sample of one impressive career.

"It's the quality of the roles, the impact of the choices," said friend and fellow director Ava Duvernay. "What you choose to give your energy to has mattered."

King is especially proud to also share this day with her family.

"It just brought me so much joy, and I can see my grandmother in every single one of their faces. So it was like she was here," said King.

Her sisters, Pat and Reina, agree.

"We knew she had greatness from the beginning, didn't we?" said Pat.

"We did. We did - even when she was getting on my nerves!" laughed Reina.

Regina King is currently preparing to play Shirley Chisholm, America's first Black congresswoman, in a new movie. But right now, she can celebrate her new hands and feet in cement at TCL's Chinese Theatre.