Rep. Katie Hill gives final speech on House floor, blames resignation on 'double standard'

Friday, November 1, 2019
Rep. Katie Hill gives final speech on House floor
In a fiery farewell speech, Rep. Katie Hill suggested a double standard forced her resignation amid a bitter divorce.

WASHINGTON (KABC) -- Congresswoman Katie Hill delivered her final speech on the House floor Thursday, saying she is leaving because of a "double standard."

Hill announced her resignation on Sunday amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a staff member, and the leak of intimate photos she claims her estranged husband released as revenge porn.

Hill, who was elected last year, blamed political opponents and a misogynistic culture.

Her last vote was on the impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Santa Clarita's first Democratic congresswoman has acknowledged an inappropriate relationship, but is blaming Republican operatives for posting nude photos.

In her home district, some constituents are speaking out.

"I think it is a good thing, obviously we didn't send her there to do that when she got elected," said Valencia resident Jose Valle.

"I think in general we are all a little disappointed about it because she worked really hard, and I think most residents around here were looking for a change," said Victoria Carlin of Santa Clarita.

Hill was filmed with her husband, Kenny Heslep, in a video called "Inside the Most Millennial Campaign Ever." She is in the midst of a bitter divorce. She blames him for allegedly releasing the

photos - an act of revenge porn, ammunition for her attackers.

"I am leaving because of a misogynistic culture that gleefully consumed my naked pictures," Hill said on the floor.

Hill denounced a double standard for women.

"I am leaving, but we have men who have been credibly accused of intentional acts of sexual violence and remain in board rooms, on the Supreme Court, in this very body and worst of all, in the Oval Office," she said.

Local radio talk show host and former Republican consultant Joseph Messina took aim at Hill in recent weeks.

"She was not very nice to the woman that she was having a relationship with," Messina told Eyewitness News after viewing some of Hill's text messages.

Hill, who describes herself as bi-sexual, admits to a relationship with a female campaign aide, but denies an affair with a male staff member, which would violate House rules.

She says she will continue to fight gender bullying.

To add the chaos in the 25th Congressional District, multiple candidates have signed up to take Hill's seat, however, no date has been set for special election.

The House Ethics Committee is expected to close its investigation into whether Hill violated House rules once she resigns.