Dog without paws to become therapy animal for amputee patients

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

"Don't ever question who can defy the odds."

That's what animal rescue group ARME President and Founder Shannon Keith had to say about Chi Chi, a dog that has a new lease on life, and a new family, in the United States.

Chi Chi was found inside a trash bag near a black market meat trader in South Korea. According to rescuers, she was barely breathing and all four legs bound with wire.

She was immediately rushed to the hospital where doctors declared that the only way to save Chi Chi's life would be to amputate all four of her paws.

Losing her paws has not diminished Chi Chi's energy or spirit. Just a day after her surgery, she was ready to be up and about, playing with her toys.

Chi Chi is now living with her new family in Arizona. Her new owners hope to certify Chi Chi as a therapy dog so she can visit amputee patients.