In new book 'Carpenters: The Musical Legacy' Richard Carpenter reflects on long career

LOS ANGELES -- Forty-seven years ago at the American Music Awards, the Carpenters took home the Favorite Pop Group honor. All these years later, a journalist and a Carpenters' historian teamed up to help create a history book for fans.

The music of Richard and Karen Carpenter has endured now for more than 50 years. We lost Karen in 1983 but we've never lost their music.

The Carpenters' career is now on display in a new book called "Carpenters: The Musical Legacy."

You might call it a Carpenters encyclopedia, rich with rare photos from Richard's archives to help document their musical journey. Entertainment journalist Mike Cidoni Lennox and Carpenters' historian Chris May are lifelong Carpenters fans; they convinced Richard it was a great idea and then got him involved in this lengthy labor of love.

"It's very gratifying to have fans and people truly interested in music that Karen and I produced all those many years ago," said Carpenter.

Their catalog of popular music has sold more than 120 million records worldwide. "Close To You" is one of his favorites.

"As a record, as total production, 'Close To You,' I don't think it's one of our stronger songs but it's a remarkable performance and production."

"Carpenters: The Musical Legacy" is available now.

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