Boy recounts moment he carried his sister out of laundromat when Ridgecrest earthquake hit

RIDGECREST, Calif. (KABC) -- A boy who picked up his sister and ran out of a Ridgecrest laundromat the moment a powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck is recounting the dramatic moment captured on video.

Security video shows 11-year-old Armando Suarez running with his 2-year old sister Arianna in his arms.

"It started shaking really badly and the roof starts to collapse in more. That's when I grabbed my sister and ran toward the door because everything's shaking," he said.

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Falling ceiling tiles narrowly miss them as they run outside. Their mother Joann Yglesias was right behind them.

"Once we got outside, I grabbed my kids and held them really close to me," Yglesias said.

"I'm very, very proud of him and thankful he was there to react good," she added.

Ridgecrest is still on edge after the two strong earthquakes that hit back-to-back days last week, and the aftershocks that have followed.

In one part of Ridgecrest, others are anxious to rebuild their homes. Insurance carriers are set up in the Home Depot parking lot to help customers fill out claims -- many without earthquake insurance.

"I guess we're going try to find some low interest loan and maybe contact FEMA," said resident Cathy Carpenter.

President Donald Trump has approved a federal declaration of emergency to assist California, allowing federal agencies like FEMA to coordinate disaster relief efforts and provide other help.

Almost Eden Rescue is currently the only operating animal rescue in Ridgecrest. It is staying open until midnight every night as people drop off animals -- many found wandering around the streets after the earthquakes.

Various non-profit groups are also helping to rescue and treat animals affected by the quakes.

"We're taking in all small animals that have been displaced and trying to reunite them with their owners," said Teresa Servais of Almost Eden Rescue.

Almost Eden Rescue is also in need of supplies, including food, cages and water. If you would like to help, click here.
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