East Hollywood restaurant Rincon Chileno celebrates 50 years of bringing Chilean food to SoCal

ByJJ Zavalla and Berenize Montoya KABC logo
Friday, September 15, 2023
Rincon Chileno celebrates 50 years of bringing Chilean food to SoCal
Rincon Chileno in East Hollywood has been a local favorite for 50 years. The restaurant offers a taste of home for the Los Angeles Chilean community.

EAST HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- From natural disasters to a violent military coup and a global pandemic, Rincon Chileno has been through it all.

To celebrate Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month, we're shining a spotlight on Rincon Chileno, a small business celebrating 50 years in East Hollywood. The neighborhood restaurant is well known among the Los Angeles Chilean community, offering the taste and memories from home and flavors you don't get anywhere else.

Ricardo Flores owns Rincon Chileno, a restaurant started decades ago by his father.

"He said it's a good location to open for the Chilean community," said Flores.

Rincon Chileno is now celebrating 50 years.

"We've got customers from all over the Los Angeles area," said Flores. "They come for the empanadas. Everything's fresh. We make our own bread, the dough for the empanadas, the fillings. It's just a place to relax. To have fun."

Some patrons call it the 'second consult' of Chile.

"Finding a place where I can find the treats from your country is really nice. It's special," said Sol Chaura.

"It's very much like stepping back in time but in a good nostalgic way," said Dean Nuñez

Flores says they are here no matter what adversity they might face.

"We've had the earthquakes, the riots, the depression, now the pandemic," said Flores. "And we are still here."