Riverside police cracking down on street racing

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- Local authorities are cracking down on street racing and side shows in the Inland Empire.

A wild scene unfolded Saturday night in San Bernardino, near Waterman and the 10 freeway, as street racers blocked traffic and performed dangerous stunts while spectators watched.

The CHP and the Riverside Police Department conducted a joint street racing operation.

They say there has been an increase in illegal side shows in the past few months.

"Some of these vehicles doing burnouts right in the middle of a city intersection," said Riverside Officer Ryan Railsback. "That is completely dangerous, you are putting not just yourself and those spectators at risk, but also the motoring public who may be trying to get through."

But some street racers say that's not their intent.

"We ain't trying to start no harassment," one racer said. "We ain't trying to kill no one out here. We're just trying to have fun"

At least one street racer was arrested and others got tickets.
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