Michael Fishman talks about D.J.'s future on 'Roseanne'

ByJennifer Matarese KABC logo
Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Michael Fishman talks about D.J.'s future on 'Roseanne'
Jennifer Matarese interviews Michael Fishman about the 'Roseanne' reboot and what's coming up.

NEW YORK -- The first season of the Roseanne reboot is in full swing, and Michael Fishman (D.J. Conner) is among the cast members elated by the show's success.

"As an actor, there are very few opportunities you get where you get to do humor and we get such great comedy, but we deal with such real issues," Fishman said. "You get to deal with kind of the dark things in life, the things that people are struggling with that most shows don't want to cover, and so to get to do both of those all in one place is a special opportunity."

Among those topics are service members returning from overseas, and the impact their return has on themselves and their families as they get back to civilian life.

"There are some hiccups and hesitations there that I think fans and especially military and military families can relate to. I think that's important," Fishman said.

He also promises that we'll get to meet D.J.'s wife who is currently overseas at this point in the season. In the meantime, his character is raising their daughter, Mary.

He said it's a unique experience to get to work with child actors like Jayden Rey (Mary Conner) and Ames McNamara (Mark Conner-Healy) after having lived the experience himself.

"I had a great experience, and so for me it's important that she (Rey) have a great experience and that Ames have a great experience, so I'm kind of trying to be a support structure and make sure that they know that if there's anything they need, or any questions, I just try to be another resource to them," Fishman said.

Fishman added that tonight's episode, which highlights Becky, is a must-see! "The scenes in the OB-GYN office are some of the best that we've done throughout the show!"

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