Grief counselor offers advice for those fearful, anxious after San Bernardino attack

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In the aftermath of the San Bernardino mass shooting, shock, disbelief and grief are evident on the faces of everyone affected.

But the emotional fallout is reaching much farther than the community of San Bernardino as people across the nation learned of the deadly attack.

Certified grief counselor Alice Zulli from Glendale Adventist Medical Center said she has seen support group attendance drop since Wednesday's massacre.

She said she is seeing more people feeling fearful and withdrawn and she understands why.

"It's just in our face right now and when it gets really, really close it is scary," she said.

Without knowing it, many adults can transfer their fears and anxiety to their children. But Zulli offers advice so that children won't experience the same feelings.

"Keep breathing and don't overhear the news. Hear what you need to know and then go about your business," she said.

Zulli adds that fear is contagious and so the antidote is to stay calm. People should be vigilant, be with one another, reach out and carry on with their holiday preparations. No one should cancel events they've already planned out of fear.

She reminds people to acknowledge the tragedy, remember the people who were lost and, most importantly, keep on living.
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