Tips on how Californians can save money on gas, groceries

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Shopping for groceries can be expensive and can sometimes even increase debt.

But there are ways to save on your next trip to the grocery store.

Almost all groceries stores have store cards that give you discounts at checkout, according to Kimberly Palmer of NerdWallet, a personal finance website and app.

Buying store brand items instead of other brand name items can save you money because the store brand items tend to be cheaper, said Palmer.

Palmer also suggests that those loyal customers who shop at one particular store look into getting a store credit card because card holders will often get cash back on their purchases.

Some grocery store chains such as Ralphs offer their card members special discounts at select gas stations. That can be an even bigger incentive when gas prices are on the rise.

There are also other credit card companies that offer discounts on gas purchases. American Express Blue Cash Preferred gives customers 3% cash back on gas purchases.

If you're looking for the cheapest places to purchase gas, you're in luck because there are apps like Gas Buddy, designed to help locate the best deals.

"The price of gas can actually vary, not just by city, but also by neighborhood. So, you do want to always compare - where is the cheapest place to buy gas," said Palmer.

Some stores also offer discounts through their very own app. So you might want to download and scan your favorite store's app at checkout to save even more when shopping, according to Palmer.
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