Security company Securitas hiring 1,200 employees in California, 10,000 nationwide

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Thursday, May 28, 2020
Security company Securitas hiring 1,200 employees in CA
Looking for a job? Security company Securitas is hiring 1,200 employees in California and 10,000 nationwide.

ONTARIO, Calif. (KABC) -- With so many Southern Californians looking for work, we're letting you know about a security company that is hiring.

Securitas held nine statewide virtual career fairs recently, four here in the Southland.

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With businesses opening back up, many are turning to private security companies, like Securitas and Allied Universal, to enforce state and county guidelines to keep customers and employees safe.

"During this pandemic we've been getting a lot of requests for doing health screenings and temperature screenings for our clients as people come into their facilities. So, that's a service we've been able to offer from day one during this pandemic and we continue to offer so that's grown our business," said Kimberly Carson, VP of human resources with Securitas.

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Securitas held nine drive-thru career fairs Tuesday across California, including one in the parking lot of its Ontario office. The interview didn't require job seekers to leave their cars. Securitas is hiring 1,200 employees in California and 10,000 nationwide.

Allied Universal is hiring 500 in Los Angeles County and 600 between Orange and San Diego counties.

Alfredo Marcel said he's never been to a job interview like this.

"A way to keep people safe. Not so much in touch, keeping the distance. I feel that they're 100% taking safety precautions," said Marcel.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Allied Universal is hiring! The security company has 500 jobs to fill across L.A. County and 1100 open positions in surrounding counties.

"It's a huge opportunity to be able to hit the ground running and start at a new company in the next week so I hope it works out. The thing I like most about this career is being able to be on the front line and being the front face of the company, being able to represent. Meet all the new people and new faces," said Stephen Mendoza, who interviewed with Securitas.

Coronavirus hasn't just created jobs in the private security field, but it's also changed the type of work. Securitas says new employees will be expected to take temperatures, enforce the wearing of face masks and physical distancing.

For more information on job opportunities with Securitas, visit:

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