Director John Woo brings action, suspense, and virtually no dialogue to new thriller 'Silent Night'

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
John Woo's new thriller 'Silent Night' lives up to its name
The new movie "Silent Night" isn't necessarily a "silent movie," but almost! It has virtually no dialogue, but with filmmaker John Woo behind the camera, you know it has plenty of action!

HOLLYWOOD -- The new movie "Silent Night" isn't necessarily a "silent movie," but almost!

It has virtually no dialogue, and while it does begin on Christmas Eve, it's not a holiday movie, unless "vengeance" is on your wishlist.

Joel Kinnaman stars in the film playing a father whose young son is killed in the crossfire of a gang shooting.

Kinnaman's character survives his wound but it takes away his voice. He decides to get vengeance on the people who took away his little boy.

"This was a gamble. This was a pretty, pretty big gamble and a big swing," said Kinnaman. "I didn't have any dialogue, it made it even more important for me to be 100% present in each moment, and really having the inner dialogue of the moment. The inner motor of my mind had to be spinning, where I'm heading, what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, because the only method I have of telling the story is through my eyes, and the little micro expressions that only come from expressing thoughts."

Behind the wheel of this film is acclaimed action director John Woo.

"I always like challenges. I always try to do something new," said Woo. "It's not an ordinary action movie. It's all about heart."

Heart and plenty of action!

"When I saw it the first time, I was like, 'Wow, I did not miss a single line of dialogue.' It just puts you there," said Kinnaman. "It's just what you said. It makes you even more focused."

Kinnaman especially loves that this movie takes artistic chances, something he doesn't think movies do enough of today.

"I think in many of your favorite films, there are long sequences in those where there's no dialogue, and those are the sequences that you're sitting at the edge of your seat. It's the most intense part of the film," said Kinnaman. "John wanted to make a whole film with that feeling."

"Silent Night" is Rated R and hits theaters Friday, Dec. 1.