Smart & Final looking to hire 500 workers in SoCal, offering educational advancement opportunities

To meet a growing demand during the coronavirus, California chain Smart & Final is expanding its workforce with positions, such as night crew clerks, cashiers' clerks, as well as forklift operators and order selectors.
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Scott Drew, executive vice president with Smart & Final stores, joined ABC7 via Skype to discuss what types of jobs are available.

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What's the range of jobs that are open at Smart & Final right now?
"So we're grateful to be able to hire community members that have been put out of work and thus far, we've hired 1,500 positions and we still have 500 positions open. We have positions open like night crew clerks, cashiers' clerks, meat and produce. You know, any job full-time, part-time, we're looking for 500 great associates to join us," said Drew.

Are the jobs all in the stores or do you have openings in the supply chain as well?
"Most of them are in the stores, but I will tell you that we also have openings in supply chains in L.A. County and Riverside County. Those positions were looking we're looking for forklift experienced operators and order selectors," said Drew.

Is part-time primarily what you're looking for at Smart & Final?
"We can go either full-time or part-time. And we have really flexible scheduling here at Smart & Final and we cater to individuals that have second jobs or are going to school, so we work around schedules to accommodate associate's needs. You can work anywhere from 20 to 30 hours part-time, perfectly fine. No experience is necessary. We are looking for friendly people," said Drew.

What are the benefits of working for a company like Smart & Final?
"We've been around for almost 150 years. We have 11,000 great associates that are doing just a magnificent job during this crisis. I'm so incredibly proud of them. In terms of benefits we offer a very competitive wage, we offer paid educational opportunities here at Smart & Final and we offer an experience with teamwork - one of our core values. And I think you'll find it a fast, friendly environment. So, if you're looking for employment come join our team here at Smart & Final," said Drew.

Can you talk about the educational opportunities from Smart & Final?
"It's an incredible opportunity you start off with the retail management certificate program, fully funded by our organization and you can go on to get your AA degree. And we'll help pay for that. You can go on to even get a bachelors and on to a master's program where you have tuition reimbursement here at Smart and Final," said Drew.

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