Compton barber shop owner given grant toward creating safe place for kids

COMPTON, Calif. (KABC) -- A Compton barber shop owner has been given a grant toward creating a safe place for local kids. The space will allow children to successfully complete their homework and safely spend time with their peers when they are not in school.

Donald Conley, better known as DC, cuts hair at Barberizm the Shoppe. Conley's quest to not only provide haircuts but also to instill life learning skills in the youth is well known in the community.

"I think it's my duty not only to give a great haircut but to also kind of instill some pride back into the city as much as I can. I think everybody has a role to do a little bit, as much as they can," said Conley. "The kids, for me, are often overlooked. I remember the summer programs that we had growing up are no longer."

DC submitted an Instagram video for a chance to win a $5,000 grant from #SchedulicityCares, a business grant program. His video was loved, and he got a big surprise.

The #SchedulicityCares team shocked DC with a $5,000 check, one of two grants it awards to deserving barbers and hairstylists in their communities each month.

With the stigma of gang turf and violence often overshadowing positive things happening in Compton, DC plans to use the grant money to continue building a safe place for all customers, including kids within his barbershop.

"Everybody is welcome here. We just want to make sure that when you do walk into these doors, you can leave your troubles behind and hopefully pick up some culture and definitely leave out with a great haircut," Conley said.

Creating that safe place for kids, DC has added video and board games in his shop, along with simple building blocks for toddlers.

DC has written children's books -- one he wrote about bullying and why kids shouldn't engage in it. Simply put, he's promoting peace and safety.

"There's some small business owners like myself who want to do more every day," he said. "We don't necessarily get the spotlight, I don't even think we even need the spotlight. You know, the stories like this is a blessing."
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