Eyewitness This: SoCal mountain lions face extinction, hot tea cancer risk, Powerball jackpot soars

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Southern California mountain lions face extinction
Experts say Southern California's mountain lions face extinction. Now, they're trying to help save them.

This comes as a new study found mountain lions in the Santa Ana and Santa Monica mountains may not survive the next 50 years, due to issues like inbreeding and deadly car crashes.

With the numbers dropping fast -- experts are trying to raise money to build bridges over freeways so lions can safely cross, and migrate north to mate with other cats, and hopefully re-populate.

New study shows hot tea linked to cancer risk
A warning before you sip that tea.

Drinking very hot tea could dramatically increase your risk of developing esophageal cancer.

A new report by the American Cancer Society found drinking two cups of tea at more than 140 degrees almost doubles your risk for the disease.

Scientists say heat may damage the esophagus, creating repeated injuries that lead to cancer in the same way smoke, alcohol and acid reflux do.

Powerball winning numbers drawing yields no winner; lottery jackpot at $625M
If you were hoping to retire overnight -- you're out of luck. No one won Wednesday night's huge jackpot.

That puts Saturday's drawing at $625 million -- with a cash payout of $380 million.

The winning numbers from Wednesday night were 10-14-50-53-63 with a Powerball of 21.
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