Man gets locked inside FedEx store, makes the most of it on Twitter

A San Antonio man found himself in a predicament: he got trapped inside a FedEx store. How he reacted to it, however, was hilariously entertaining for Twitter users.

How did it happen? CrossFit trainer Chris Galvan said he was making some copies at the end of the day when he realized the employees had locked up the store without realizing he was still in there.

It's not easy finding ways to occupy yourself when you're trapped in a FedEx store, but Galvan proved to be a natural. He passed the time by working out and tweeting out updates under his own hashtag, #FedExPrisoner.

He even made plans to adapt to his environment, finding a place to sleep.

To make matters even more bizarre, Galvan says a friend came by to make copies and stumbled upon him.

After about two hours, his calls for help were answered, literally. Galvan called another FedEx store, and the employee who answered agreed to come let him out, he tweeted.

Now that he's out, the "FedEx prisoner" is apparently having some trouble re-adjusting to life on the outside.

After all the attention he got online, FedEx learned about Galvan's plight and sent an apology on Twitter.

What would you do if this happened to you? Let us know in the comments.
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