Pauly's Project brings joy to L.A.'s homeless community through music

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Pauly's Project was created in 2013 by Paul Avila Sr. from Los Angeles. Inspired by his son, Pauly Avila Jr., who is blind and autistic.

"My son is my inspiration, he just gives me that energy to want to go out and do more," Paul said.

When Pauly was a baby, the only thing that would soothe and calm him was music, and it became a healing agent for him and his family.

As adults, the pair would both take to the streets to volunteer in the community, and it was during their time serving that the idea clicked. They saw the need for music and felt the homeless community would benefit.

Through Pauly's Project they handed out free mini radios with headphones and batteries.

"They say, 'Now I can connect,' whether it's through music, sports, anything," Paul expressed. "Obviously, it's inspired by my son's passion for music."

To date, Pauly's Project has given out more than 10,000 free radios.

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