People donate hair at Spa Pechanga for breast cancer awareness month

TEMECULA, Calif. -- Julia Arrocena cut off 9 inches of her hair - the thick tresses were carefully measured out before she chopped it all off.

Arrocena donated the two ponytails of her locks to Hair U Wear, which turns donated hair into wigs for cancer patients. It was her fourth donation.

"I just wanted to do something kind for someone who needed it and my hair grows so easily, so I just thought well I can give it to someone who doesn't have any," she said.

On Wednesday, she wasn't alone during the donation. Her 15-year-old sister also sat down for the first time at Spa Pechanga to have 10 inches of her hair chopped for donation.

"I hope that more people do it because it's going to a good cause," she said.

This is the sixth year the Pechanga Resort and Casino hosted its Mane Campaign in October. Last year, the campaign collected 34 feet of hair.

"Pechanga actually pays for the women to get their haircut if they want to donate 8 inches or more of hair," Lauren Fink said.

The Arrocena sisters were inspired to donate their hair after learning of a friend's breast cancer diagnosis. Donna Miranda was there to watch as they honored her battle.

"I was very humbled and honored that she would consider me to cut her hair in my honor. It was a nice feeling," she said.

Miranda credits a routine mammogram for detecting a mass. Her hair loss is a side effect of the chemotherapy.

"It's a tough battle. But it's doable and I've been through a lot of treatment this whole year. I still have more treatment to go through, but I'm a survivor," she said.

Spa Pechanga will be running its Mane Campaign until Nov. 2. Anyone interested in donating hair can heard to