Cat finds his way back home after being beaten, tortured in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Someone lured a pet cat away from his San Jose home and then beat and tortured him for hours.

"I'm grateful he was able to come home, but I can't imagine the hours spent in so much pain," said Corissa Hulick.

Hulick's cat, named Banks, can barely move these days. Two weeks ago, someone grabbed him from his Alma neighborhood and tortured him.

The 2-year-old has a broken jaw that's now wired together, a feeding tube, a punctured tail, a cone and a massive hematoma in his chest. Banks' vet thinks he was hit with a baseball bat.

"He's someone's cat. I don't understand how someone can do this to a person's animal," said Hulick.

Banks is an indoor/outdoor cat, so it wasn't a surprise when he didn't come home the night of the attack. But 24 hours later, he eventually returned, but he could barely walk.

Banks has to be tube-fed daily.

His owner started a GoFundMe account to help with the vet bills. It took just four days to raise the money.

Elizabeth Primo donated money because she was horrified by what's happened.

"If they're torturing animals that doesn't lead to anything good," said Primo.

Banks' owner plans to get the police involved.

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