LAPD issues citywide tactical alert after protests erupt in South LA over fatal police shooting

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Protests erupted at a South Los Angeles intersection Sunday night not far from where a teenager died in an officer-involved shooting after police say he fled from a suspected stolen vehicle.

Shortly before 10 p.m., authorities issued a citywide tactical alert and asked protesters standing at the intersection of Western Avenue and 108th Street to disperse or they would be arrested. As the evening went on, at least four people were taken into custody. The alert was called off around midnight.

Around 8 p.m., at least two dozen people gathered together at the intersection of Western Avenue and 108th Street, prompting road closures and a heavier police presence.

Some of the protesters were seen dancing on top of cars, while others drove cars into the middle of the intersection and did multiple donuts before speeding away.

The protests come a day after 18-year-old Carnell Snell Jr was killed by police behind a home in the 1700 block of 107th Street moments after he fled from a suspected stolen vehicle that was involved in a car chase.

Police officers also moved in to the front of the residence where people held a vigil for Snell around 5 p.m. Officers said the vigil was peaceful and "outside agitators" came to the area and were disruptive.

Eyewitness News got a look at the crime scene, where Snell died. At least six shots riddled the side of the home and a seventh went through a window. A witness said Snell died on steps in the backyard.

Police said Saturday they found a handgun at the scene, but did not release further details on the shooting.

Activists are asking for a transparent and quick investigation, and they want the officers who fired their weapons to be named.

Meantime, the president of L.A.'s Urban Policy Roundtable has met with Snell's family and may call for a Justice Department civil rights probe into the shooting.
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