With hillsides already saturated, SoCal bracing for yet another storm system

Monday, February 19, 2024
SoCal braces for another storm system
Some communities are still cleaning up from the last storm, as a new system is bringing several inches of rain to Southern California.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As yet another storm system moves into Southern California, communities that have already suffered damage this winter are bracing themselves.

Several inches of rain are predicted to fall on the region starting Sunday night and lasting several days.

Some communities are still cleaning out from the mudflows and flooding from the last storm. Los Angeles experienced some 300 mudslides from that earlier system.

When will the rain arrive? Latest SoCal forecast here.

Carol Mancuso and Dan O'Brasky say the city's efforts to clean up the streets in Beverly Glen left a lot of debris on their property. This time, they dug a channel through the remaining mud, hoping it will protect their property.

"Hopefully it's just going to be water," Mancuso said. "No more mud. If it's mud I don't know what's gonna happen."

Authorities are warning people to stay away from flood channels and river basins, and avoid trying to drive through flooded streets.

And those living on the streets are urged to seek shelter.

"We have a growing population of people who don't have houses," said Bob Braitman, a Ventura resident. "And they live under bridges or in places you and I wouldn't choose to live. And rain is terrible for them."

The city of Los Angeles has mobilized agencies including Water and Power and Public Works to prepare for keeping streets clear and power operating.

Mayor Karen Bass is urging people to stay home during the storm if possible.

"We are prepared but I do still worry, because the hills have not dried out from the last storm," Bass said.

"So of course every time there's a rain that's going to be heavy, we have to worry about mudslides. So we want Angelenos, if it is all possible, to stay home over these next couple of days."