Diehard Dodgers fans captured by professional photographer

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Without Tommy Garcia, you probably wouldn't know Sandy, Tony or Angela. They are the faces of diehard Dodgers fans.

Garcia is a professional photographer and uses his talent to help channel his passion for the Dodgers. He's also a huge Dodgers fan.

"They are rich, they are poor, they're every ethnicity, and they love their team. Dodgers fans are some of the most loyal fans I've encountered," said Garcia.

"I just wanted to shoot something that was for me and for fun," Garcia said.

This season, he started a special series. He sets up a mobile studio and take portraits, posting them to his Instagram page, entitled Somos Los Doyers, meaning "We are Dodgers."

"I post one photo a day, one portrait per day. It's kind of a grind but it's really fun," Garcia said.

In addition to being posted to Garcia's Instagram page, the fans all get a free copy of the finished portrait.

Garcia's project has been so popular, he has at least 50 more portraits to post. He'll be even busier over the next few weeks, if the Dodgers make it to the World Series.
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