Lakers call up 10-year minor league veteran

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (KABC) -- Andre Ingram is not your typical basketball player.

"I studied physics, but I was more of a math whiz," said Ingram, a veteran of the Lakers developmental league.

The math surrounding his career is stunning. This 32-year-old spent all 10 years of his career in the minor leagues.

"It speaks to his love of the game. You don't make much money when you play in the minor leagues," said Lakers coach Luke Walton.

Monday, Ingram thought he was going to his season-ending exit interview.

Instead, the all-time 3-point leader in the G-league got another surprise - he was called up to join the Lakers for his NBA debut!

So what was the first thing that came to his mind? "Dream come true," he said. "This is everything I've wanted."

This father of two considered leaving basketball five years ago when his first of two daughters was born.

Monday during the call-up, the Lakers urged him to call and tell his wife and mom.

"They had the emotion that I was feeling inside. They were just screaming! But they were so happy for me," said Ingram.

Ingram said several of his friends asked if he's going to take a photo of his jersey in his locker. He said yes, but that's not what he's most excited about.

"It's just an honor, I've admired all these guys. It's just going to be nice."

In his three days with the Lakers, he will make $13,000. That's about one-third the amount he made during an entire season with the G-League.

Tuesday night, in his NBA debut against the Houston Rockets, Ingram scored 19 points, draining four 3-pointers along with nabbing three rebounds, three blocked shots and a steal.

He went to American University. Now, he's living the American dream.

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