Stan Lee to 'suit up' for Los Angeles Comic-Con weekend

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Thursday, October 27, 2016
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'Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic-Con' swoops into the the L.A. Convention Center or a weekend filled with costumed fun.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Stan Lee is a super hero in the comic book world, and this weekend, he "suits up" for Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic-Con.

It begins Friday, Oct. 28, or as it's officially dubbed by the Los Angeles City Council, Stan Lee Day. It kicks off a weekend filled with fun, costumes, vendors -- and Stan Lee himself!

"I'm going to be hopping from booth to booth, from exhibit to exhibit," said Lee. "I love meeting the fans. I love meeting our guests. I love being in the center of whatever is happening. People say to me, 'Why are you so nice to the fans?' Hell, I'm not nice to the fans. I'm trying to thank the fans for being so nice to me!"

"Nice" is an important word for Stan Lee. He's now created a national campaign he calls "Hands of Respect" after watching all the recent racial unrest around the country.

"I thought by doing a pin that shows a black hand and a white hand clutched in friendship and putting the word 'respect' above it, I thought maybe it would get some attention," said Lee.

He wants to inspire respect for all. In his office at POW! Entertainment in Beverly Hills, the walls are lined with memories from his life. But at almost 94, he and his company are creating new memories. He is currently in pre-production on a movie for his new superhero -- one he calls "The Annihilator." And there's work on the television front as well.

"Oh, we have one TV show now called 'Stan Lee's Lucky Man.' It's on the air in England," said Lee. "It's one of their biggest hits and it'll be coming over here soon."

Right now, though, his mind is on his family-friendly Comic-Con weekend. There'll be entertainment, trick-or-treating, contests and, of course, costumes. Might Stan dress up in a costume of a character he created? Don't count on it!

"I don't want to show up the others because I would probably look so much better than they do, and, you know, they'd get angry," laughed Lee.

You're in for a weekend of non-stop entertainment at Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic-Con. The fun runs from Friday night through Sunday. One-day passes range from $25 to 35, but kids 12 and under are free.