Fans, filmmakers, stars gather to celebrate all things in the 'Star Wars' universe

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Saturday, April 8, 2023
Fans gather from every galaxy to celebrate 'Star Wars'
What are the plans for our favorite galaxy 'far far away?" London's "Star Wars Celebration" leads us through what's planned for the favorite franchise on the big screen and on streaming on Disney+.

London, England -- We're learning what is planned for that galaxy 'far far away" at the latest "Star Wars Celebration." This time, the gathering of fans is taking place in London. And the actors who lead us through that "Star Wars" world are thrilled to get reaction, up close and personal.

"I normally work on stuff that you wish people would like to see," said "Andor's" Diego Luna. "Here it's the opposite. They remind you every day they are here to see more. It's a lovely match."

It's the place for super fans to be the first to know about what's happening in the "Star Wars" world. Besides all the merchandise on the convention floor--and there is a lot of it-there are also panels celebrating the latest "Star Wars" projects.

After the panels, the press lines!

"It's all for the fans," said "The Mandalorian's" Katee Sackhoff. "I have a career because the sci-fi fans keep showing up to watch my work and it's such a gift to be able to support the work that I do."

Amandla Stenberg stars in the upcoming series "The Acolyte." She admits she's here as a fan not just an actor. "Absolutely! I think cos-playing is so awesome. I couldn't go to a convention and not do it."

"Every one of us is doing what we want to do, " said "The Mandalorian's" Carl Weathers. "People are just so generous. We are in a show people are loving. Grogu is dragging us along on his coattails. How can you not love that?"

"To trust us, to allow us to tell these stories and come back years later and have them see what we did and show their appreciation... this is the toughest crowd you're going to get when you're making 'Star Wars.' These people are the most invested and they have high standards."

"Star Wars Celebration" is the ultimate event for fans of that galaxy far far away.

"It's just so nice to see everyone sharing the same joy, dressing up as your favorite character, just to be a part of it" said Colbert Newsome.

Benedict Brien agrees. "I think more than anything it's meeting other fans, talking about 'Star Wars,' admiring their costumes, taking photos, just enjoying 'Star Wars' all together in one place."