'Only Murders in the Building': Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, Martin Short back to cracking mysteries

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022
'Only Murders in the Building' sees everyone as suspect in season 2
Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short return with a new "whodunnit" that puts the trio of amateur sleuths right in the center of the investigation in season two of "Only Murders in the Building."

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez are back with even more mystery, and merriment, for season two of Hulu's "Only Murders in the Building."

One of the new questionable characters is played by Cara Delevingne.

"You know, every time a new character comes on, there's immediate suspicion," said Martin.

"I got to work with someone that I really love. And that was a complete blast," said Gomez of Delevingne. "We had so much fun. It was almost like working with my best friend. It didn't feel like working."

Gomez says she loves playing off of her two leading men, known on the show as Oliver and Charles.

"I enjoy Oliver's endless attempt at staying positive," said Short.

"For me, Charles, you know, he has a kind of a reserve, a shyness. And it's not really a positive quality. But I like playing that as coming out of his shell a little bit," said Martin.

Season two kicks off June 28 with two episodes on Hulu.

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