'He's going to kill me': Gunman robs two South LA street vendors, shooting one

The shooting victim is out of the hospital and is back to work.

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Thursday, April 28, 2022
Street vendor shot: Suspect robs two vendors in South LA, shoots one
According to LAPD, a suspect robbed two vendors at gunpoint in South LA Saturday night. The suspect shot one of the vendors.

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A suspect robbed two street vendors at gunpoint in South Los Angeles Saturday night and shot one of the vendors, according to LAPD.

Surveillance video shows when a man in a black jacket showed up with a gun at a food vendors' spot at Aranda's Car Wash near Florence Avenue and San Pedro Street. The suspect shot fruit vendor Pablo Briones in the foot.

"At that moment I just noticed there was a vibration in my foot. I didn't feel anything. After my body started feeling the pain," said Briones. "We know that we are exposed to this kind of violence for selling on the street."

The suspect first approached David Jimenez, a taco truck worker at Tacos Arandas, then struck Jimenez in the head with the gun and took their money. Jimenez said the suspect is a previous customer.

"He is known in the community. I told him that I know him. That's when he hit me with the gun, and I gave him the money," said Jimenez. "I told myself, 'He's going to kill me.' So, I gave him the money."

According to LAPD, a second vendor tried to intervene. The suspect then targeted Briones and took his money. Briones said to the suspect "God Bless You" and that's when the suspect shot him in the foot and fled the scene. The victim was transported to a hospital.

"The bullet broke into two pieces and I have both of the bullet pieces in my foot. They couldn't take them out, it's in there," said Briones.

The suspect was arrested the next day, a firearm was recovered and felony charges were filed against the suspect, according to police.

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