Poll: 68 percent of Californians oppose Calexit

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The majority of Californians oppose California seceding from the U.S., otherwise known as the Calexit, according to the latest exclusive Eyewitness News/Southern California News Group poll conducted by SurveyUSA.

Most Californians said they didn't know much about "Yes California," which is a grassroots movement that aims to have California withdraw from the U.S. and form its own country.

In the survey, 68 percent opposed the idea and 18 percent were in favor.

The recent poll also indicated that Californians were against President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban and didn't view the president in a favorable light.

According to the survey, 46 percent of Californians were against Trump's travel ban and 58 percent said it sent the wrong message to the world.

While the majority of Californians polled said they were against the ban, 39 percent said the policy does make America safer.

On the topic of sanctuary cities, 50 percent of those polled said the cities shouldn't lose federal funding. If federal funding was to be withheld, Californians appeared to be split on whether the state should retaliate and withhold its federal tax dollars from flowing to Washington.

The survey indicated that 35 percent of Californians believe Trump is doing a worse job as president than they'd expected, while 19 percent said he was doing better than they'd expected.

According to the poll, 48 percent believe Trump will go down in history as one of America's worst presidents, while 19 percent said they believe Trump will be remembered as one of America's greatest presidents.

SurveyUSA interviewed 800 California adults statewide on Tuesday. Interviews were completed after Trump fired the interim attorney general on Monday and prior to Trump announcing his pick for the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

You can see all 13 questions below:

Do you approve? Or disapprove? Of the job Donald Trump is doing as President?

34% Approve

52% Disapprove

14% Not Sure

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Jerry Brown is doing as Governor?

48% Approve

30% Disapprove

22% Not Sure

Do you support? Or do you oppose? ... a new policy that prevents persons from 7 nations from entering the United States? Or, do you not know enough to say?

36% Support

46% Oppose

18% Do Not Know

Does a policy that prevents persons from seven countries from entering the United States make the United States ... more safe? Less safe? Or, does it not matter one way or the other?

39% More Safe

26% Less Safe

27% Doesn't Matter

8% Not Sure

Does a policy that prevents persons from seven countries from entering the United States send the right message to the world? The wrong message? Or, does it send no message?

35% Right

58% Wrong

4% No Message

4% Not Sure

President Trump has signed an executive order stating that sanctuary cities, which are cities that do not prosecute undocumented immigrants for violating immigration laws, will lose their federal funding for things such as job training, home repairs for the elderly, and drug treatment programs. Do you think sanctuary cities should lose their federal funding? Or keep their federal funding?

36% Lose

50% Keep

14% Not Sure

Some California lawmakers have suggested that if Washington cuts off federal funding to sanctuary cities, the state of California could take steps to withhold from Washington federal tax payments that flow through the state government. If sanctuary cities lose federal funding, should California withhold federal tax payments to Washington? Or keep making the payments?

42% Withhold

36% Keep Making

21% Not Sure

Would you support? Or would you oppose? ...designating the entire state of California as a "sanctuary state"?

37% Support

44% Oppose

19% Not Sure

Have you heard a lot? A little? Or nothing at all about the "Yes California" campaign, or the idea called CalExit, which says the state of California should leave the United States and become its own country?

19% A Lot

51% A Little

23% Nothing

7% Not Sure

Should California withdraw from the United States and become an entirely new nation? Or should California remain part of the United States?

18% Withdraw

68% Remain

15% Not Sure

So far, has Donald Trump's presidency been.... Better than you thought it would be? Worse than you thought it would be? Or about as you expected it to be?

19% Better Than You Thought

35% Worse

38% As You Expected

8% Not Sure

Will President Trump go down in history as one of America's greatest presidents? One of America's worst presidents? Or somewhere in the middle?

19% One Of America's Greatest

48% One Of The Worst

17% Somewhere In The Middle

16% Not Sure

Just your best guess: Will Donald Trump serve two full terms as President? Serve one full term? Choose to leave office before his first term is up? Or be removed from office before his first term is up?

21% Will Serve Two Full Terms

26% One Full Term

6% Choose To Leave

38% Be Removed

10% Not Sure