Suspect sideswipes cars in dramatic chase through Hollywood before his arrest

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A hit-and-run suspect fled from LAPD officers through the streets of Hollywood, sideswiping cars and taking multiple evasive maneuvers to avoid attempts at stopping him.

He was finally caught after officers managed to pin him in against a parked truck and order him out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

The chase started as officers witnessed a collision and the driver of the four-door Prius refused to stop at the scene and they gave chase.

The driver sideswiped vehicles and avoided several attempted PIT maneuvers in the chase over surface streets.

The Prius had substantial visible damage, including body panels hanging off the side as it continued to flee.

At one point the car hit a parked vehicle as a woman was getting out. She quickly reached into the passenger side and pulled out a small child as she saw the police vehicles approach the suspect.

VIDEO: Woman pulls child to safety after her car is hit by suspect fleeing police
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A woman pulled her child to safety after a suspect fleeing police struck her parked vehicle on a Hollywood street.

But the Prius then continued for a few more blocks before officers finally pinned the vehicle against a parked pickup truck.

The chase ended after more than half an hour in the area of Mariposa and Rosewood avenues.

Officers approached the vehicle, shielding themselves behind a police SUV with their weapons drawn as they ordered the driver to come out.

After a few minutes, the male suspect emerged from the vehicle, obeyed officers' commands and was taken into custody.
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