Santa Ana police raid cyber cafe suspected of gang connections

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- Santa Ana police Thursday raided a cyber café that is suspected of being a front for gang activity.

Police removed more than 50 people from inside the Happy Times Cyber Internet café as the SWAT team served a search warrant.

Officers arrested eight people on charges ranging from narcotics violations to outstanding warrants.

During the search, officers say they found and seized several illegal gambling machines.

Officers broke windows and had guns drawn as they entered the building.

The building itself was red-tagged after the raid.

The café is in the area of 17th and Bristol streets and traffic is blocked off for about four blocks as the public is warned to stay away for their own safety.

In the last few weeks, police say they have arrested multiple gang members at the café and seized at least five guns.

Neighbors say they are glad to see the raid and have suspected the cafe of being a front for illegal activity.
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