Are taller people more likely to catch a coronavirus infection?

A new study from Oxford finds a higher prevalence of COVID-19 among people who are more than six feet tall. A SoCal doctor analyzes why that might be the case. staff KABC logo
Friday, July 31, 2020
Ask the Doctor: Are taller people more susceptible to coronavirus?
A new Oxford study finds people over 6 feet tall are infected with the coronavirus at higher rates.

Are taller people more susceptible to a coronavirus infection?

At least one new study has found that to be the case. But the reasons behind that are less clear.

Dr. Anthony Cardillo, an ER specialist and CEO of Mend Urgent Care, spoke to ABC7 via Skype about this issue and several others.

The study from the University of Oxford found a higher rate of coronavirus infection in people over 6 feet tall. The findings provided more fuel for the belief that the virus may remain airborne longer than commonly believed, rather than quickly dropping to the ground.

"Whether that's true or not is really speculation," Cardillo said. "But we are finding that people who are taller are getting the disease at a higher rate."

For the ABC7 Ask the Doctor segment, Cardillo was also asked about the effectiveness of face shields when used in combination with a mask. He said more information is emerging about how effective face shields can be in increasing the level of a person's protection.

Common belief is, he said, is that face masks can be effective at preventing others from spreading the disease while face shields can help prevent a person from catching it themselves. Primarily, the face shield or goggles prevent a person from touching their eyes, which can also serve to transmit the virus, he said.