The Tamales at La Moderna Are Worth the Wait

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Thursday, December 26, 2019
La Moderna cooks over 10,000 tamales every Christmas.
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La Moderna tamales are the most popular in Whittier.

La Moderna Bakery is a mom-and-pop shop in Whittier, California, that's been making tasty traditional tamales for the local communities since 1977. Their homemade style tamales has won over generations of customers, but at the heart of this bakery is 90-year-old Martha Chavez! She started the business more than 40 years ago with her husband, Guillermo Chavez. And although he is no longer living, Martha continues to work six days a week at La Moderna Bakery - making hundreds of tamales daily. Customers say she's the "hardest working person in town." During the holiday season the bakery cooks tens of thousands of beef, chicken, cheese with chile and pork tamales. If you visit, there might be a wait in line, but the delicious tamales are SO worth the wait! For more info follow them on social media: La Moderna Bakery Instagram and La Moderna Bakery Facebook and La Moderna Bakery Twitter