Dad of young Taylor Swift fan on life support has special wish for superstar

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Thursday, August 3, 2023
Dad of young Swift fan on life support has special request for star
Taylor Swift, who is on The Eras tour, is getting a special request from the dad of a young fan who is on life support with a rare heart condition.

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KABC) -- Demi Espinosa is from Miami, but her rare heart condition has brought her to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford in Palo Alto in California, where she's in the intensive care unit on life support.

When you look around her hospital room, it's clear that Demi is a Taylor Swift superfan.

Her dad, Danny Espinosa, is hoping to reach the popstar, so she could help lift her spirits.

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"We've been in California since May 13. She's been on life support for 56 days. She's had nine surgeries in 22 days, 15 bronchoscopies, more than 250 blood transfusions. She's fighting for her life," he said.

Taylor Swift is currently on her Eras tour. Although Demi's ultimate dream is to see Taylor perform in person, it won't be possible due to her medical circumstances.

Her dad says when Swift's music is playing as Demi undergoes physical therapy, it motivates her to move more and even dance a little

"Thirteen is a big number for Taylor Swift. She (Demi) turned 13 here. We got here May 13. Demi got a ticket by a nurse to go to the concert - seat 13 of section 13. It's just looking like a very Swiftie thing," he described, referring to the fact that 13 is Taylor Swift's lucky number.

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Although Demi won't be able to go to the concert, her dad is hoping her daughter's favorite singer will either make an in-person appearance, give her a shout out during one of her performances or FaceTime her to help lift her spirits.

He's calling on all the Swifties to help him spread the word.

"She loves Taylor Swift. So anything she loves, I love too. And what I realized is the way to help her heal with the condition that she's currently in is to give her some kind of uplift," he said.

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