Gadgets, apps to help you de-stress, relax

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Gadgets, apps to help you de-stress, relax
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Feeling stressed out from the daily grind? Check out these gadgets and apps to help you relax.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- If you're feeling stressed out by all the ways you're plugged into technology these days, the last solution you'd probably think of would be more gadgets and apps.

However, there's a long list of apps that cover everything from acupressure to hypnosis and stretching.

Perhaps the most prevalent type of app you'll find is for meditation. Los Angeles psychologist and CEO of Dr. Judy Rosenberg says if you're looking to relax, meditation is a great place to start.

"You're shutting down your senses and you're emptying out," she said. "The mind and the body are interconnected."

Here are a few gadgets to help you ease your muscles:

The Smushion Living Room Pillow -

I like anything that takes the place of other things and makes my apartment less cluttered. The Smushion is a lumbar support pillow, a tablet holder, lap desk and it also serves as support under your knees when lying down. Also, there's a hole in the side for your remote. That's five things in one, five times the tidiness, and infinite love from me for this pillow.

The Desktop Punching Bag -

I'm not a fighter, yet I find great joy in plunking down this portable punching bag onto my desk at work and having at it. It even suspends upside down, though that only leaves the ceiling and under your desk as options at the office.

Breo Head Massager -

There are massages and then there are Breo Head Massager massages. Air pressure, vibration, point massage - the trifecta of relaxation and the triple threat of Breo's approach to numbin' your noggin like cloud nine.