Woman hilariously live tweets obnoxious Tinder date

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014
A New York woman hilariously live-tweeted an obnoxious and awkward Tinder date happening next to her.

Of all the hilarious horror stories you've heard about Tinder, this one is at the top.

Carrie Mantha, owner of a couture company called the Indira Collection, was sitting at the bar of a Manhattan restaurant on Tuesday night. Sitting next to Mantha was a couple who had met on Tinder, and Mantha began to live tweet their conversation and interactions for all of her Twitter followers to enjoy.

Mantha then goes on to describe the cheesy, cringeworthy conversation taking place.

Clearly this man has no filter on what to and not to say.

With the man's offensive and self-absorbed comments, this easily comes off as one of the worst Tinder dates in history.

Apparently the not-so-gentleman in the date might have been into Tinder a bit too much.

Unfortunately for all of online Mantha's followers, the date comes to a close, but Mantha reassures her digital audience that an awkward date sequel may be in the works.

The conversation ended up becoming an overnight sensation on Twitter earning her new followers and hundreds of retweets. Mantha is married and resides in New York, New York.