Chris Harrison previews tonight's big 'Bachelor' 2-day finale

NEW YORK -- Tonight begins the two-night Bachelor finale event on ABC. We'll pick back up right after Cassie's devastating breakup with Colton.

Remember the fence jumping? Colton promises that tonight's episode will be even more dramatic than that.

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Cassie, 23, decided, after her father made a surprise visit to Portugal, to leave the show. She told Colton that he should be with someone who is crazy about him and left.

Colton, 26, was left a shaking, crying mess and eventually jumped the fence and ran off into the dark of night. So Chris Harrison and the production crew will start their search for Colton.

Spoiler Alert: They find him. So what happens next? Chris Harrison says that the show wanted to make sure that Tayshia and Hannah were taken care of. They were both clueless about the fact that Colton had professed his love to Cassie and they were not his choice. Could he change his mind? Anything is possible, but Chris Harrison said that the show was basically over once Cassie broke Colton's heart.

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"I think he loved Cassie so much, and I think he was so scared," Harrison said on GMA. "And maybe it was kind of -- self-manifested in that, you know, you try to protect something and save it so much that you end up bringing it to be."

Don't miss the big finale beginning tonight at 8 p.m. ET|7 p.m. CT on ABC.
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